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Fort Worth may have earned the nickname "Where the West begins," but it can also be said that our Southern hospitality re-brands us as "where the welcome never ends." It's our unmistakable mix of Western authenticity blended with one of the most vibrant cultural scenes in North Texas that makes Fort Worth a destination spot for international visitors and a welcoming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travelers.

With a thriving nightlife scene, a rich mixture of community organizations and events with deep roots, an unparalleled selection of museums and galleries and dining options for the most discerning palettes, Fort Worth is the perfect vacation spot for LGBT visitors to slip on their boots and kick up some fun.

As a city, we've been consistently ahead of the curve in citizen equality, making history as the second city in Texas to add sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy. Recently, Fort Worth has made headlines with its unprecedented move to ensure Cowtown's inclusive spirit, including the recent addition of "transgender, gender identity and gender expression" to our anti-discrimination policy, major strides in education and workplace diversity education and the creation of a Diversity Task Force to implement changes and facilitate harmonious relationships among Fort Worth's diverse populations.

The city has also earned a national reputation for being a welcoming home to gay and lesbian families. A recent UCLA study based on U.S. Census data from 2006 named Fort Worth the metropolitan area with the fifth highest rate of same-sex couples raising children in the country.

It's a reputation for which Fort Worth can be proud.

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Why Fort Worth?

Todd Camp photoTodd Camp

"When we first launched QCinema, I had no idea that our GLBT film festival would still be around after 14 years. But it's thanks to the nurturing environment of this city that has helped us grow into a nationally recognized event. Bringing in filmmakers and actors from around the word has reopened our eyes to what an inviting and unique visitor's destination Fort Worth can be. And looking back on the amazing strides of the past few years, it's clear that things are only going to get better."


 Joel BurnsCouncilman Joel Burns

"I am proud to represent Fort Worth as its first openly gay elected official. Fort Worth is where you can still experience the REAL Texas, as cowboys and culture converge in the United State's fastest growing city. And with an active and flourishing LGBT community, Fort Worth affords great experiences to visitors and residents alike.You will find places like no other -- some of the world's finest art museums, amazing architecture, a vibrant downtown nightlife, as well as a history from a bygone day. But more importantly, you will find friendly folks ready to welcome you. These committed, talented and caring Fort Worth citizens are the reasons I call Fort Worth home and why you will want to return again and again."

 Darren WoodsDarren Woods

"Looking back over the past ten years as the general director of Fort Worth Opera, each year has been wonderful because Fort Worth is truly a rewarding place to live. The community seeks rich theatrical experiences in many forms, and Fort Worth is more than just another city - it's a place that actually embodies its motto: Cowboys AND CULTURE. Fort Worth Opera benefits from Fort Worth's pioneer spirit because it allows us to explore new, diverse works like Angels in America and Before Night Falls that we live to share with you."

Tony Coronado headshotTony Coronado

"Being a native of Fort Worth, I've seen many changes throughout the city's growth; in development, culture, diversity of ethnicity and lifestyle, of strides in social awareness and the many facets of character that make Cowtown, "home"." 



Visit Fort Worth for these upcoming Events:



   October 2-12, 2014: Tarrant County Gay Pride Week 


  • October 2: Pride Kick-Off Show
  • October 4: Pride Parade and Pride Street Festival. Noon - 6:00pm
  • October 5: Pride Picnic at Trinity Park. Noon - 6:00pm 
  • October 9-12: Q-Cinema Film Festival at Rose Marine Theatre 
  • October 16-19: 2014 World Gay Rodeo Finals at the Will Rogers Memorial Center


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