Coyote Drive-in Theater

  • 223 NE 4th Street
  • Fort Worth, TX 76164-9500
  • Phone: 817-668-5665
  • Region: Panther Island
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Coyote Drive-In was founded in 2011 by four guys who were longing for a great way to leave the rat race and constant connectivity behind. They envisioned a simple place to escape the chaos and hang out with friends and family. Enjoy a cold one together. Admire the stars shining bright up above. Relish the laughs while creating memories.
It was in their quest for a laid back oasis that the concept for Coyote Drive-In was born.

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Coyote Drive-in Theater Meeting Facility
  • Largest Room: 5,000
  • Description:

    Located near downtown Fort Worh and along the Trinity River near the Panther Island Pavilion, Coyote Drive-In is a new-age drive-in movie theater open nightly with double feature films starting at 6pm.

    The Coyote Drive-In, located on 18 acres, is a collaboration between Coyote Theatres, the Tarrant Regional Water District (Landlord), Trinity River Vision Authority (master planner of the neighborhood), the City of Fort Worth (who has been incredible to work with) and many other stakeholders. With 1,300 parking spots, Coyote Drive-in Theater is a well-planned area perfect for families and friends of all ages to enjoy. From small parties, to corporate gatherings or even a large party of 5,000 guests, Coyote Theatres offers space for a variety of events.

  • Total Venue Capacity: 5,000
  • Permanent Stage:
  • Outdoor Event Space:

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