Plain and dry or with all the fixings, Fort Worth is haven for hamburger lovers. Fort Worth institutions such as Kincaid’s Hamburgers have been satisfying customers for over 50 years, whereas newcomers like Rodeo Goat change up the menu with burger battles and gourmet toppings.

Charley's offers a classic Fort Worth experience, beginning with its vintage burger-stand exterior that has been on Old Granbury Road since 1953. It was a converted mobile home, and the kitchen still stands in an 8-by-20 trailer. Aside from a small... More

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Named after legendary TCU coach Leo “Dutch” Meyer, Dutch’s is a lively University-area hangout known for its fresh-ground, all-natural, juicy-not-greasy burgers. Chicken, mushroom, and veggie-patty sandwiches are also available. All are piled high... More

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Nationally acclaimed burgers, fabulous chicken-fried steak, the coldest beer in town -- that's Fred's Texas Cafe, a beloved local dive that's serious about food and casual about everything else. Indoors, booths and bar stools are held together with... More

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The old-fashioned grill flavor of Jakes’ thin but juicy patties pairs nicely with crunchy tater tots and a thick chocolate shake. The friendly waitresses, known as “Jakettes,” keep the mood light and fun. More

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A burger joint that evolved out of a grocery store in the 1960s, Kincaid's is a local favorite for grilled sandwiches, fried okra, ice cream floats and, most of all, juicy half-pound burgers. More

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At Lili's Bistro, you'll find a unique atmosphere, friendly service and a delicious mix of culinary delights - from comfort food to something new and different. More

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Owner and Celebrity Chef Tim Love has created the perfect dining experience for all ages with his classic burger joint, the Love Shack. Grub offerings include juicy burgers, hot dogs, nachos, hand-cut fries and onion rings, along with root beer on... More

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The stars at this tucked-away eatery are the huge grilled burgers with lavish toppings, like the chorizo, fried egg, jack cheese and grilled jalapenos on the popular Toluca burger. Daily plate-lunch specials may include chicken fried steak, fried... More

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Rodeo Goat has a large selection of Texas and American craft beers to accompany the fun burger creations you won’t find anywhere else, with toppings like peanut butter, grilled peaches or candied bacon. More

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Tommy’s has been grilling up good ol’-fashioned burgers since 1983. Catfish, shrimp and chicken baskets are down-home delicious. No extra charge for the extra-friendly service. More