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Fort Worth’s historic Cowtown Coliseum is home to many impressive feats and firsts. First, there’s the history behind the 106-year-old building’s construction. In 1908, the palatial arena was built by Native Americans in just 88 days. The venue was the country’s first indoor rodeo. Then there are
Fort Worth has a diverse array of landscapes that can meet almost any location need. This combined with temperate weather year-round makes Fort Worth a perfect place to film outdoors. If you want to get in touch with nature surrounded by beautiful landscapes… 1. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden The

North Texans To The Games

Posted On August 13, 2016 | Rush Olson

Texas is larger, geographically speaking, than over 150 of the countries participating in this summer’s Olympic Games. For that matter, the population of North Central Texas, at 7 million-plus, exceeds that of more than 100 Olympic nations. So, as you might expect, the region has produced its share

Public Pools Worth a Dive

Posted On August 12, 2016 | Josie Villa-Singleton

Summer is here and so is the heat, but that’s no reason to hide indoors. Cool off at one of Fort Worth’s fine public pools. The public pools offer a safe, life-guarded swimming experience for you and your family. Rates are $5 for patrons 17 and under and $6 for those 17 and over, so it’s an

Fort Worth's Gold-Medal Facilities

Posted On August 1, 2016 | Rush Olson

The quadrennial Summer Games have come and gone, leaving us all yearning to get out and partake in one of the many sporting events seen. Here's a list of places to play out your own victory in Cowtown: Equestrian Speaking of cows (and bulls) -- rodeo won’t be featured, although it was contested in