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Author: Laurie Lynn Lindemeier

Laurie writes about opera, fine arts and all things cultural. Watercolor painting and singing soprano arias in French, German and Italian bring her joy.

The plush genre of opera remains a mystery to some in the Fort Worth area. Which is astounding given the fact that the Fort Worth Opera has been right in their midst since 1946. If you are one of those who has not yet stepped into this magical realm, I encourage you to attend at least one of the
If you seek a personal encounter with ghastly ghouls, Fort Worth is your town! The Fort Worth Stockyards is a paranormal nesting spot for apparitions who just can’t seem to find a good night’s rest. A spunky, petite guide, Kay McDonald, is on the team who leads the walking Fort Worth Stockyards
Thoughts of Cowtown often take visitors to the historic Stockyards, and rightfully so. It's where the city's rich heritage first began. But after the Cattle Drive Era ended, oil and aviation brought new wealth throughout the region leaving oil tycoons and cattle raisers with money to spend. And