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Author: Micheline Hynes
Micheline’s love of food started standing on a straight-backed chair helping in the kitchen making nachos with her family. Some of her growing up happened in a rather barn-ish house in rural Southlake. Overshadowed by stalks of sunflowers and sweet corn, she carried fresh picked tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables up to the house in fabric of her skirt, milked the goats, and cuddled the rabbits.

When her father returned to active military service, she lost the garden but gained the chance to develop her palate in some of the best culinary cities in the nation: New Orleans, San Francisco and Hawaii. She also spent a year in Vladivostok, Russia before returning home to her beloved Texas to get her degree in Dietetics at TWU.

Currently, Micheline oversees the Cooking Matters and Community Garden programs for Tarrant Area Food Bank. She advocates for food justice, sustainable farming, a strong, local food system, and a healthy community by serving with the Tarrant County Food Policy Council and FitWorth. She also provides consultation for businesses and non-profits to build brand awareness, plan events, and develop new products, services and programs. Find her on Twitter, Instagram, and more as @FortWorthCookie.

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