From Red Dirt and R&B to progressive rock and hip hop, there’s something for everyone in the 817. Check out our next line up of Fort Worth artists you need to know. 


Gollay’s “Built for Love” is my jam. The pristine, melodically-driven tune brought songstress Rachel Gollay overwhelmingly positive reviews when it was released three years ago. The title has become something of a catch phrase locally with t-shirts being just one way fans show their love for this local band. Gollay and her bandmates will be releasing a music video and EP this fall with a full-length album slated for release next year. PC: John Erwin / Bandstalkerfw


​Indie folk duo Danni and Kris keep a busy schedule performing three or four nights a week across North Texas. The Fort Worth natives croon about life and love with infectiously gorgeous vocals and driving acoustic guitar strummings. The childhood friends are releasing their freshman album “Mountain Sounds” this fall.

Photo credit: Cal Knapp
PC: Cal Knapp


Abraham Alexander’s music is shaped by his many journeys. The 26-year-old emigrated to the United States from Greece 16 years ago. He recently released his first single. “America” is an impassioned and honest commentary on his new homeland that’s replete with references to the Civil Rights movement. The masterfully recorded R&B single is powerful and optimistic.

Photo credit: Aaron Thomas
Photo credit: Aaron Thomas



Cut Throat Finches is a powerhouse of established local performers (Sean Russell/lead vocal, Taylor Tatsch/guitar, Robert Paine/bass, Eric Webb/keys, and Draya Ruse/drums). The quartet formed in 2015 and shortly after released "Reality." An artist statement made in sound, "Reality" is a declaration of all the sonic possibilities the veteran musos have at their collective disposal. The tunage tends to orbit around rock ‘n’ roll.

Photo credit: Cut Throat Finches
PC: Cut Throat Finches

LOU CharLe$

Lou CharLe$ is doing his part to elevate Fort Worth’s hip-hop scene. The self-proclaimed “worldwide wanderer” proudly claims The Fort as his home. His active career has led to opening performances for several national acts, and he recently released a new album, "In Transit 2." In only a few years, Lou CharLe$ has established himself as an engaging and thought-provoking performer and wordsmith.