My great grandfather, Leon Ralls, had a cattle company in the Fort Worth Stockyards up until the late 1980's. His company pencil is sitting in the museum. He raised his four kids in Fort Worth after the military and set family values that has extended for 5 generations. The photos attached are from October 2009 when all 5 generations gathered together in the Fort Worth Stockyards to make history. Ryan, my husband, proposed to me there-in front of the whole family and it was all caught on camera. We have now been married for a year. Unfortunately Grandaddy passed away to cancer this past October, but he was 90, an amazing 90-year-old. He got to watch me walk down the isle, too. After all I am his #1 Great Grandaughter-he drove my mom to the hospital February 1980 during a Fort Worth, Texas 'snow storm.' When I think of Fort Worth, I think of my family and how close we all are and thankful for the family man he was.

Name: Shonda Chiotti
City: Frisco
State: TX