Fort Worth Herd Drover: Brenda Taylor

Hometown: Springtown, TX

Time spent with the Fort Worth Herd:  11 Years

Favorite Horse and Steer: Favorite Horse is Bose; favorite steer is Freckles.

The best thing about being a Fort Worth Herd drover:The best thing about being a Fort Worth Herd drover is having the opportunity to speak and interact with the public each day, as well as putting on the educational program for thousands of kids. The Herd has given me the opportunity to interact with people from all different parts of the country and world.  I enjoy being able to teach visitors about Texas History, and the history of the cattle drive.

The most interesting thing you’ve learned as a drover for the Fort Worth Herd:I find it interesting how the public’s knowledge of our cattle & horses differs from our knowledge as drovers. I enjoy educating the public, and increasing their knowledge of Texas history and our livestock. The public seems to really enjoy hearing about the horses and steers, and knowing where their name came from.

The most frequently asked question (s) people ask you on the street: Two of the most common questions we are asked is “What is your horses name and what kind of horse is he?” and “Does it bother the horse when he has a bit in his mouth?”.