I am the front man for a Texas country band (The Casey Hubble Band) based out of Austin. We recently took a two day visit to play in some Fort Worth venues and had a great time.

Towards the end of our last show at The Basement Bar in The Stockyards, a young lady came up to the stage and requested that we play a slow song. "This is a party crowd ma'am. Why on Earth do you want a slow song," I asked.

"My friend just got married and they love your song 'Travis County Slow Dancing,'" she replied.

My band and I are usually aware of gigs where we will be playing a first dance for a couple. We were totally caught off guard that a couple would actually choose a party bar like this for their reception.

It made me think: the rich culture of the Fort Worth Stockyards is so attractive, and full of life, that it is worth spending one of the most special evenings of your life there.

I would suggest this couple's wedding night game plan to anybody getting married in the area!

Casey Hubble

Name: Casey Hubble
City: Luckenbach
State: Texas