Sure, New Year’s resolutions are often a fool’s game – just because the calendar has changed, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get lazy and avoid cleaning your oven for as long as humanly possible.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but follow the time-honored tradition. And, this year, I’ve decided to try to break the resolution jinx by coming up with a list of Fort Worth food-related resolutions that shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain.

1. In with the new:

A new year means a bevy of new restaurants arriving in Fort Worth, and my first resolution is to make sure to visit all of them. High on everyone’s list of most-anticipated newbies is the long-in-the-works AF+B (which stands for American Food and Beverage), located in the West Seventh development, from the same team that brought us my favorite pizza place in town, Fireside Pies. Describing itself as “a lively neighborhood tavern,” AF+B is expected to open in January. Speaking of pizza, Dallas-based Cane Rosso – which previously only sold its pies out of a food truck in Fort Worth – is finally opening a Fort Worth outpost, on Magnolia Avenue. (Here’s hoping the waits aren’t as long as they are over at the Deep Ellum restaurant in Dallas.)


In early 2014, we can also look forward to the first Fort Worth location of the North Texas mini-chain Taco Diner, to be sited in the new Sundance Square Plaza downtown, expected to open by the spring; and yet another pizza spot, Pizza Snob, near TCU on University Drive. And since I’m always griping about the lack of Thai options in Fort Worth, I’m especially keen to check out Spice, set to open on Magnolia Avenue in February. (There's no Web site yet.) 

2. But don’t forget the old:

In the rush to make resolutions and change our stodgy ways, we sometimes forget the value of the old traditions. So this year I resolve to check back in with some Fort Worth classics that I haven’t visited in awhile. Top of my list is Saint-Emilion, the iconic French restaurant that this year will be celebrating its twenty-ninth anniversary. The cozy eatery, located inside a converted house in Fort Worth’s Museum District, is an especially perfect choice for a romantic date night. It’s also been way too long since I last dined at Lucile's, the excellent “stateside bistro” that celebrated its twentieth birthday in 2013. The Maryland crab cakes are one of my favorite dishes in Fort Worth.

3. Keep on truckin’:

I used to be a snob when it came to food trucks – there seemed to me something uncivilized about my food – until I started hanging out at Clearfork Food Park and Food Park at Thistle Hill, two of Fort Worth’s terrific food parks, where I discovered such treasures as Good Karma Kitchen and Gepetto Pizza. This year, I resolve to frequent the food parks as often as possible; keep an eye-out for new trucks; and finally taste food from those trucks I’ve missed thus far (sorry, Gastro Bomber.)

Food park

4. Drink more local beer:

One of the happiest developments of recent years has been the emergence of so many superb Fort Worth-area breweries, including Rahr & Sons; Martin House; Revolver (in nearby Granbury). Even better are the great bars and gastro-pubs around town – The Bearded Lady; Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge; the perennial Ginger Man -- that serve up these tasty brews. In 2014, I resolve to toast these wonders regularly.

5. Lose ten pounds:

So what if I’ve been making this same resolution since 1997. This year’s it’s going to happen! (Besides, what would a list of New Year’s resolutions be without at least one lost cause?)