Located just an hour from downtown Fort Worth near Glen Rose,Texas, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center & Refuge is an incredible 9.9 mile-long drive-through conservatory facility representing over 1,000 animals. An animal kingdom, Fossil Rim is the first facility of its kind to have been accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.
Though spring break and summer are popular reasons to visit Fossil Rim, we can attest that fall is one of the best times to visit. Earlier this month, we met with the marketing team for an eye-opening safari-style tour of the 1,700-acre center. It's mating season for most of these animals, so many are out and about and very active. And, you can't beat the cool breeze as you drive through the park with your windows down. As most of us were Fossil Rim newbies, we were not only surprised by the huge variety of animals, (50 species of native and non-native animals) but also,the incredible scenery. With hills as high as 680-feet, Fossil Rim creates a beautiful, peaceful oasis for these animals. 

Fossil Rim Rhinos

Although you are permitted to drive through the park to view and feed the animals, I highly recommend a guided tour for a more educational, hands-on experience. You'll have a safari guide to provide you with answers to all your questions, tell you about each of the animals, and give you some information on the mass amount of research that goes on behind-the-scenes. Fossil Rim is filled with characters, many of which have no boundaries when it comes to motor vehicles coming there way. In fact, it's somewhat of an ice cream truck for them as they look forward to the treats you can hand out. There was Edith, the white rhino who miraculously conceived just last year (almost impossible as it equivocates to a 95 year-old human). She's the oldest known rhino to give birth on record and was even able to give milk to the baby rhino. You'll also encounter one of the largest wildabeast herds in the world, a friendly giraffe who doesn't mind getting up-close and personal, baby zebras playing alongside their mommas, cheetahs chilling in the shade, social deer and antelope, birds and so much more. 

Fossil Rim Zebras near Fort Worth

Be sure to take the kids to the Children's Animal Center which is always free, drop by the wildlife store, and don't miss the recently-renovated Overlook Cafe next door. Visit their Fossil Rim online for more info on pricing and FAQs. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center participates in a worldwide network of wildlife conservation organizations working to restore the delicate balance between people, animals and the environment. 

Fossil Rim Giraffes