I was born and raised in Fort Worth. My father managed the New Isis theater in the Stockyards, and my childhood memories center around many hours spent in the darkened theater, soaking up all the magical images, and filling my head with dreams. At the age of 18, I put Fort Worth in my rear view mirror, and struck off down the yellow brick road to Hollywood! After many years of struggle and terrifying earthquakes, like Dorothy, I knew I had left a big part of me behind, and longed for the girl, and the place I had run from so long ago. I put those feelings into a song, Cowtown in My Headlights, my love song to the city of my youth, that had shaped me, and instilled in me the values that have sustained me throughout my life's travels. I now live in "northern Texas," Taos, New Mexico, where I had once gone with my family to escape the August heat, but in my heart, I am, and will always be, a Fort Worth girl!

Name: Annie Wallis
City: Arroyo Seco
State: New Mexico