If there is one thing you can say about ArtsGoggle, this year marking its 11th anniversary, it doesn't go halfsies on anything. Consider the number of artists. Would you like to see 50? Satisfied with 100? Oh, so you really want 200? Well, ArtsGoggle 2014 will see your 200 and raise you 100 to a grand total of 354. And I'm sure you'd be content with opening your ears to 20 bands. Not really - well how about 40? So in typical poker fashion, ArtsGoggle will see your 40 and double it, to 80 musical acts for your istening pleasure.

So let's review the gargantuan numbers for what may be one of Fort Worth's biggest open-houses: More than 80 bands, 354 artists, and all tucked into a festival that spreads across 84 venues, clustered into what is being called three "urban villages." The artists involved certainly enjoy it as it is a low-pressure, non-juried, occasion for their art to be shown and, most importantly, to be sold. Like its older kissing cousin, Gallery Night, ArtsGoggle provides that rare moment when familiar businesses throughout the Near Southside convert into art spaces. And if that isn't atmosphere enough, the nearby and verdant Magnolia Green Park, along with Daggett Avenue, and Park Place Avenue, will become cordial and amicable hosts to three separate block parties -- all distinguished by their rows of artist-friendly tents and general festival feeling of, well, festiveness.

The art will be flowing in all forms at ArtsGoggle, from 15 of the William Campbell Contemporary Arts gallery's most skilled artists showing their works at the Moncrief Cancer Institute, while three artists will put together -- very much in real time -- several on-site murals. Several other artists to pay attention to at ArtsGoggle include the painter-sculptor, C.L. de Loache, mixed-media master, Logan Fisher, Tyler Dixon's illustrations, and make sure you look for five-year-old, Veda Howell who is already an enthused painter.


Image: Now or Never by Mejo Okon 

For film buffs, there will be a showing of short films from several of the best in Texas' independent cineastes -- all hosted by the neighborhood's sole restaurateur-film-producer-and-maker, James Johnston (he of the equally famous, Spiral Diner). As for the ears, Marcus Rockwell Trio will perform live jazz, to be followed by arias and other soaring snippets from the Fort Worth Opera. Other musical treats will come courtesy of Chris Johnson of Telegraph Canyon, the Russian Gypsy folk band (out of Austin), and DFW's own, Kevin Aldridge. As for food for thought, consider 24 Plates will offer up cocktails and appetizers.

Details: ArtsGoggle on Fort Worth's Near Southside. October 11 - from noon-10 p.m. At 84 venues in the Near Southside district of Fort Worth. Cost: Free. For more information: Official ArtsGoggle Program.


Image: Willie Nelson by artist, Chris Gonzalez