We were lucky enough to catch a sneak peek of Lysistrata during a final dress rehearsal of the Fort Worth Opera Festival last evening at the magnificent Bass Performance Hall. The production is an English opera with English subtitles, so any first-time opera goers like myself who may be concerned about getting lost or following along, no need to worry! This anti-war story is actually a comedy that takes place in ancient Greece during the war between Athens and Sparta. In effort to protest against the war, the women of Athens join forces with the women of Sparta to force the men on both sides into peace with a strategy to withhold love. This classic war between the sexes story is hilariously entertaining and the set, composition and talented cast are phenomenal. Please note, this production contains mature content. 

To celebrate this fully fledged battle of the sexes, Fort Worth Opera invites you to bring this topic to life and participate in a Men vs. Women Tug of War this Saturday, May 26 from a.m.-noon at Trinity Park Pavilion. All Fort Worth residents big and small; young and old are welcome to come out and represent their sex! The winning team will all win Fort Worth Opera tickets to an upcoming performance. 

Don't miss the regional premiere of Lysistrata tomorrow, Saturday, May 26 at 7:30 p.m. at Bass Performance Hall or on Sunday, June 3, at 2 p.m.  Learn more about the Fort Worth Opera Festival and make plans to see what the Fort Worth Opera calls, "four-dimensional collage of sights, sounds, and spectacle" including Tosca, The Marriage of Figaro, Three Decembers and of course, Lysistrata. This weekend is also the first weekend all four Festival shows will be open.