I have driven down either Forest Park or University every day to and from work for the past year, and every time I drive by the Black Rooster Bakery,I think to myself “I should stop there sometime”. Between the mad morning dash to get to work on time and busy schedule, I have put it off time and time again, until today. This morning I was running early for work and decided to stop by. It’s a cozy little bakery but don’t let size fool you. The staff is friendly and the fresh breads and pastries smell amazing! I tried a vanilla apricot muffin and it was to die for! The bakery has fresh pastries in the morning and brings out the sweets in the afternoon. Needless to say I will be back and can’t wait to try another one of the Black Rooster Bakery’s delicious creations! For more ideas on food and dining in the "City of Cowboys and Culture", visit our Restaurants page.