Fort Worth Dining has never had so many options but you'll never forget your first visit to Button's!  See the note below from Chef Keith Hicks:

Hey, Katz!  I wanted all of you to know that I'm working on a cookbook that'll hopefully be available by the end of the year.  It'll part biographical and, of course, food related. But in the meantime, look for Chef's Cooking Tips in some of the e-mail blasts.  
Ladies, some of my culinary advice in Chef's Cooking Tips- as in my book- will be aimed at the men to help improve their cooking skills.  From time to time, I'll also leave them with a little spoken word so they cannot only satisfied your palate,  but your mind as well as they wait on you hand and foot (you're digging that image aren't you?)
Now beware; I didn't say the Katz would be able to cook as good as me after receiving some of my culinary tips. Unfortunately, there is only one Chef Hicks.  But after I help him, I guarantee your man's food will taste 100% better than it did before... 
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