My sister and her husband were here from Iowa recently. We had dinner at Simply Fondue Restaurant in downtown Fort Worth on their last night in town. When our waiter asked if we were celebrating anything my sister answered "Sisterhood." My husband and I had been to Simply Fondue a few times before, but my sister said it was thirty years since she had been to one. The food and wine were so good. We had all had the three courses and I don't even know which we liked the best...I love the cheese with veggies and bread to dip. Each of us had a choice of three types of meat and that was great. The teriyaki chicken was wonderful! The hard part of the dessert fondue is having to decide on which one! My husband is a peanut butter fan and I love the dark chocolate. We had such a nice time. What a fun place when the food is the entertainment. The service was wonderful, as was the food. This is such a fun restaurant! We will not be waiting for relatives to be in town to go back!