Gift-giving is for the birds … and the apes … and the bears …
Make this holiday season brighter for your favorite Fort Worth Zoo animals by donating a new animal "toy"! The Zoo's Animal Enrichment Program provides our animals with opportunities to express natural behaviors, such as foraging, exploring, playing, or simply resting comfortably. We accomplish this by providing variety within our animals' environments each day — offering new food items, objects and toys, nest materials and novel scents. This includes all kinds of items for busy paws, tails, beaks, mouths and noses! 
You can drop off your new animal "toy" at our Guest Relations office near the Fort Worth Zoo's admission booth. Thank you for including the Fort Worth Zoo's animals in your holiday season! 
Click here to learn about the Fort Worth Zoo Animal Enrichment Program
Animal Enrichment Wish List (new items only, please!)
Parrot toys (for large birds) - found at pet stores
Chew sticks (for small animals) - found at pet stores
Run-about-balls - found at pet stores
Kong toys, large, medium and small sizes - found at pet stores
Small animal roll-a-nest - found at pet stores
Care Fresh brand nest bedding - found at pet stores
Baskets (no handles, all natural) - found at craft stores
Grapevine wreaths (all natural, untreated) - found at craft stores
Wicker balls (all natural, untreated) - found at craft stores
Raffia (all natural, untreated) - found at craft stores
Spices (allspice, basil, catnip, chili powder, cilantro, cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, herbs de province, lemon grass, mustard, nutmeg, rosemary, sage) - found at grocery stores
Extracts (almond, coconut, lemon, orange, peppermint, vanilla) - found at grocery stores
Nature sounds CDs - found at music stores
Pillow cases and sheets (cotton in white, ivory, brown or green) - found at department stores
Large plastic buckets (5 gal) - found at home improvement stores
Brown paper sacks (all sizes, unused) - found at grocery stores
Boxes of tissues (unscented, untreated) - found at grocery or drug stores
Feather dusters (all natural only) - found at department stores
Assorted horse toys (Amazing Graze feeder, Buster Cube toy, Jolly Stall Snacks, Jolly Ball and Apple toys, Sway-n-Play feeder) - online at
Boomer balls - online at
Treat Stik - online at
Not sure what to give? Gift cards from pet stores, grocery stores and home improvement stores are always appreciated!
You can also click HERE to learn about how your recycling efforts can contribute to the Zoo's conservation and animal enrichment programs!

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