Cliburn Sessions 

With the next Van Cliburn International Piano Competition fully three years away, you’d think the folks at the Cliburn would be taking some much-needed R&R, but you’d be wrong. This spring, the chique piano duo of Anderson and Roe performed to a packed house at the Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge, and this fall, Time For Three will be taking the same stage. The non-traditional classical music venues and trendy ensemble choices are all part of a new Van Cliburn Foundation music series called Cliburn Sessions, and it’s adding a new face to the traditionally formal piano foundation.

If the words “classical music” conjure images of stuffy suit and tie events then you should check out what Fort Worth arts groups are offering younger folks. Besides the Cliburn Sessions, you can find Fort Worth Opera Shots at local pubs throughout the year, or hear the Hall Ensemble’s new concert series at AVOCA Coffee. So Fortwortheans have little excuse for missing out on Cowtown’s endless opportunities to hear great classical music.  

The next Cliburn Session is November 11, 8pm at the Live Oak and features the virtuosic string trio, Time for Three. This isn't your grandfather’s string trio. Besides the standard repertoire of Brahms and Mozart, you can expect to hear some electrifying arrangements of the Beatles, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry, among others. The trio is far from lacking in classical bonafides. All three are graduates of the Curtis Institute of Music and the group’s accolades include performances in Carnegie Hall and a residency with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.   

Full disclosure: I already have my tickets. I’m not about to wait three years for my next great Cliburn experience.