You can get a taste of everything Superbowl in downtown Fort Worth with one (or three or four) well-planned trips to Sundance Square!

They will offer up a few hints, tips and tricks to a successful and hassle-free visit during ESPN Zone week.

First off, to make evening parking a smooth ride they've created a centralized valet system. Look for the clearly marked locations throughout Sundance Square (four, to be exact) and hand your car over. The valet service is available Jan. 31-Feb. 6 from 5 pm until 2 am and is free with merchant validation.

When you are ready to pick your car up, go to any valet location and they'll be happy to retrieve it for you. Also, you might plan to visit early in the week before our influx of out-of-town guests arrive - Monday and Tuesday will be just as fun as Friday and Saturday!

And last but not least, call ahead to your favorite Sundance Square restaurant to check for reservations and private parties. Just a little planning will go a long way for Super and Successful fun in Sundance!

Dowtown offers some of the best Fort Worth Entertainment, Dining and Shopping! Sundance Square is a true Fort Worth Tourist Attraction! For more on Fort Worth Events during Super Bowl XLV Super Week visit