When moving to a new place or visiting a place for the first time, it’s always difficult to get your baring and navigate your way around town. When I moved to Fort Worth the summer after graduating from college, I was amazed at how often I would get lost on my way home. My left sided-logical, brain couldn’t comprehend why the roads didn’t make a grid as every place I had lived before. 

Getting lost, though did lead to finding some pretty cool places in Fort Worth. After spending the afternoon in the Stockyards National Historic District, I stumbled upon West 7th , located across from the Cultural District on my way home. I was amazed that a city with so much western heritage could also have such a vibrant and chic district as West 7th. Around every corner was a new restaurant, each one appealing more to me than the next.  With fun venues like Lucky Strike and West 7th Street Movie Tavern, I couldn’t wait to grab a friend and come back to explore.

I turned to my dad whenever I would get lost and he said, “Fort Worth is Cowtown – all the roads in Fort Worth used to be cattle trails and cows don’t walk straight.” Now I enjoy the winding roads and sometimes during the scenic route home, they lead me to find some pretty inspiring places around the "City of Cowboys and Culture".