Curious George Activities at the Fort Worth Museum of ScienceIt’s quite a flattering measure of the depth of a certain famous children’s book character, and the innovative prowess of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, that Curious George, the little monkey that always could, should be the focal point of a new exhibit, Curious George: Let’s Get Curious!, opening up at the museum October 5.

For more than 70 years, Curious George was largely relegated to the colorful pages of the stories and books written by Margret and H.A. Rey. That’s plenty of accumulated raw material with which a museum like Fort Worth’s Museum of Science and History could forge an adventure combining math, science, and engineering all wrapped up in involving interactivity.

The exhibit precisely encourages youngsters to enter the by-now familiar environs where Curious George dwells, along with his good pal, the Man with the Yellow Hat. From this familiar area, museum visitors – children and adults alike – will, through tremendously sophisticated interactive technology, meet up with old friends from Curious George’s well-chronicled adventures, as well as travel to various exotic locales that both the Curious George books and a new television series chronicle and celebrate.

There is mighty serious scholarship behind what seems like a frothy exhibit, as the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has constructed Curious George based on some rather stringent educational standards underpinning the Minnesota Children’s Museum, along with input from a top-notch panel regularly advising the KIDS programs on PBS.

Details: Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! Opens October 5 and runs till January 5, at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1600 Gendy Street, Fort Worth. More information: 817-255-9300;

Get Curious at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History