The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is ranked 4th in terms of operations and 8th in terms of passengers in the world! DFW International Airport makes it easy for visitors to come to North Texas from more than 190 destinations! This busy airport covers more than 26.9 square miles - It's a city on its own.

Each day more than 150,000 passengers pass through DFW International Airport on their way to and from the North Texas Region. This is one of the busiest airports in the nation, with an average of 2,000 flights daily. This airport is not only beneficial to visitors but to residents of North Texas who travel for business and pleasure. With 20 airlines and just 17.5 miles from Fort Worth, DFW Airport makes it convenient to visit the City of Cowboys and Culture. 

Once your in Fort Worth, getting around is even easier. The close proximity of Fort Worth's three districts makes the city's convention center, hotels, attractions, and restaurants extremely accessible for visitors. The fact that they are located within a three-mile radius of one another, coupled with beautiful scenery, a friendly atmosphere and safety, makes Fort Worth the ideal destination. Click here to learn more about Transportation in and around Fort Worth.

DFW Airport Skylink Terminal D