Spice up your summer drink game with these chile-spiced treats. You're sure to be the star of the block party! 

Halo Del Santo

Instagram: @halodelsanto

Halo Del Santo (“Saint’s Halo” in Spanish) is Fort Worth’s maker of chile-spiced salt and lollipops. With flavors like mango, sandia (watermelon), tamarindo (tamarind) and piña (pineapple), Halo Del Santo has your fruit flavors on lock. A little sweet, a little spicy (don’t worry, they are very mild), the lollipops make for a nice summer treat. I tried all of the flavors (for the sake of journalism) and the mango is my personal favorite.

Nathanael Gassett Photography: Halo Santo &emdash;

While you’re at it, pick up a tin of their cocktail garnish and you’ll be rimming everything from margaritas to mezcal in spicy, citrusy goodness. Available online


Chile Gummies

Instagram: @chilegummies

Gummy bears or gummy worms covered in a spicy chile blend. Didn’t know this was a thing? That’s why we’re here. While a seemingly simple concept, Chile Gummies isn’t just Tajín on gummy bear. Chile Gummies told me they went through various trials before arriving on the final blend as some chile-salt blends were too salty and would melt the bears. Available online.

Nathanael Gassett Photography: Chile Gummies &emdash;

The final product is a fun and tasty snack that goes surprisingly well with an ice-cold beer. Yes, I’m telling you to pair gummy bears and beer this summer. Don’t knock it till you try it. Today I’m drinking a Mexican style lager, La Mera Hora from Cowtown Brewing and I have to say, the combination is fantastic.