With Chinese New Year just around the corner (January 25th) it’s time for dumplings.  Coming in many shapes, sizes, and fillings, it’s hard not to like these little flavor pouches. Often naturally vegetarian and steamed, they are a lighter option if you’re trying to purge from the last few months of the holiday eating without losing all the fun of mealtime.  

The Table Market & Culinary Studio

120 St. Louis Ave. Suite 103B

You may have been to their popups before, but in-between times you can now get duo Hao Tran and Dixya Bhattarai’s handmade dumplings from The Table, a new market on St. Louis Ave next to the Collective Brewing Project in the Southside. Sold frozen by the dozen, they cook up in a few minutes at home, making them perfect for a weeknight meal. Or grab a few packs now and get ahead of the game for your Chinese New Year celebration. Try the veggie dumplings with shitake mushroom, Napa cabbage, carrots and ginger, they are delicious.


Monkey King

Food Hall at Crockett Row

Located inside the Crockett Row Food Hall off West 7th, Dallas born Monkey King Noodle Company brought their dumpling game to Fort Worth. The unassuming stall is reminiscent of northern Chinese street venders, serving a simple menu consisting primarily of dumplings, with a few side dishes. The traditional pork dumplings were great, but I really enjoyed the tofu and edamame ones for something light and different.


Cannon Chinese Kitchen

304 W Cannon St.

This 1930’s home-turned-restaurant is a cozy and unique place to dine out. Aside from the beautiful bar (who doesn’t love that wallpaper?) serving craft cocktails, beer and wine, Cannon Chinese makes truly delicious dumplings. The Red Oil dumplings served with red vinegar and dried Serrano peppers are a must, and while you’re there try the Har Gow shrimp dumplings, you won’t be disappointed.