Have you ever noticed a little “FW” on one of your dollar bills? That means that it was printed right here in Fort Worth. The Bureau of Engraving & Printing’s Western Currency Facility produces over half the nation’s paper currency each year. For two weeks this summer you can see the trade workers up close and personal showing off their money-making trade. On the first floor, visitors can witness Intaglio engraving artisanship at the engraver’s workbench, educational activities in the Kid$ Coral and show currency that was printed circa 1900 at the refurbished spider press, and the fun doesn’t stop there! On the second floor, you will be able to learn about plate making for Offset printing presses, see mutilated currency reconstructed piece-by-piece, and learn how Intaglio printing plates are “grown” in a nickel solution. The best part of all the BEP is that it's FREE year round and these two weekends are no exception! So mark your calendars for June 25th-29th and July 23rd-27th for the Employee Craft Demonstrations!