Whether heading to a TCU football game or taking the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo you might have never known that an escape into the 19th century Texas frontier was just footsteps away!  Log Cabin Village is a living history museum devoted to the preservation of Texas heritage. Historical interpreters wearing 1800s-styled clothes bring our seven log cabins, one-room schoolhouse, smoke house, and blacksmith shop to life. One of the cabins is converted into a working grist mill which grinds more than 600 pounds of corn a year into fresh cornmeal, available for sale in our museum store.

Founders of the Village project in the 19502, Pioneer Texas Heritage Committee and members of the Tarrant County Historical Society realized that log structures, prevalent in the 1800s, were rapidly vanishing from the Texas landscape – and a portion of Texas history was vanishing with them thus providing inspiration to create a Village dedicated to log cabin culture, history and preservation.

Six log houses, dating back to the mid 1800s, were selected from the North Texas region, moved to the present site, and restored in the 1950s to early 1960s. Since 1966, it has been open to the public and operated by the City of Fort Worth.  Today, the Village is seen by more than 27,000 visitors annually from more than 45 different states and 40 countries.  Whether you’ve lived in Fort Worth all your life or are planning your next vacation here, we invite you to escape the present…experience the past at Log Cabin Village!