During the ESPN/Sundance Square press conference earlier today, Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief anounced Sundance Square in downtown will be the new home for ESPN during this year's Super Bowl. Followed by a few words from Ed Bass and an ESPN Producer, Mike Moncrief revved up the crowd and received a standing ovation for this huge success.

What exactly does this mean for Fort Worth? Well,
1. ESPN employees stay in Fort Worth the week leading up to the Super Bowl, but they will also be filming LIVE from Sundance Square.
2. The Super Bowl is the year's biggest sporting event bringing in visitors not only from around the nation, but also, around the world. People will be drawn to choose to stay in Fort Worth in order to stay nearby ESPN's Headquarters.
3. This is an announcement that calls for a celebration, an event that marks a new age for Fort Worth and shows everyone out there, that Fort Worth can showcase Western Heritage, Cowboys and Culture and host to a Championship Football team.