Hometown: Dickinson TX, in Galveston County. Lived in Fort Worth almost 18 years.

Occupation:  Manager of Communication at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Top Fort Worth kid-friendly activity/attraction:  
Fort Worth Zoo – Lots of room to run around and all kinds of great animals, our favorites are the jumping lemurs, white tigers, penguins and meerkats!
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History – The Children’s Museum keeps my four-year old amused for hours. He usually hijacks the kid-sized ambulance and runs rampant with the mini-grocery carts.
Fort Worth Cats Baseball games–They have great inexpensive food options, a kid area with bounce houses to jump in and lots of fun entertainment during the game to keep the kids interested. Hold out until the end and the kids can run the bases, win or lose!
Favorite Fort Worth family memory: 
One of my favorite days with my husband and son was this spring. We spent the day at the Botanic Garden. First, the butterfly exhibition! We started slow….looking for the little flyers…. they started appearing and we had the best time looking and comparing all of the different beautiful wings. Next my husband and I showed my son, Simon, the exact spot where we were married six years ago. We all ran around investigating and smelling all the new budding plants.
We were in the Japanese garden for over an hour and a half which is a lot for a four-year-old boy! He was so excited, we had to remind him to be quiet and walk, not run, so as not to disturb such a tranquil spot.  We talked to the huge fish and walked over all the bridges, some several times. Of course we also had to check out the “kind of” primitive restrooms at the far end of the garden. New places are always a treat! I loved the serenity, the Japanese maples….on this beautiful day, in a beautiful place–a memory to treasure with my family. 
PS-Of course, we forgot the camera. 
Describe your ideal summer day in Fort Worth with the kids:  
We love to swim before it is too hot! Then take a trip to the wonderful air-conditioned Fort Worth Museum of Science and History or Fort Worth’s Central Library downtown. These great places keep little minds stimulated and entertain all at the same time. The best days always end with yummy Curly’s Custard!