Littlest Wiseman Fort WorthThis holiday season in Fort Worth, discover a variety of events and things to do with your loved ones. Start a new Christmas tradition with your family by celebrating a Fort Worth tradition of more than 50 years. The Littlest Wiseman, performed at the W.F. Scott Theatre, is celebrating its 53rd year of production in the City of Cowboys and Culture. The production is presented as a Christmas gift to the community from the Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir and the Walsh Foundation to create a place to celebrate and remember the majesty of the season. The production is simply described as a play pageant, but it is a truly grand presentation involving over 200 actors, singers, and bell ringers. The 90-minute event begins with a holiday-themed performance by the internationally acclaimed Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir, then flows into a Carol Service involving both the bell choir and choristers performing traditional songs, and closes with the story of a young shepherd boy finding his way to the manger. Both the set and the costumes are exquisitely crafted to the last detail, and although the story is the same each year, visitors eagerly anticipate the revealing of the new set design. Tickets are free, but must be reserved in advance. If tickets run out, there are always free seats on the day of show for last minute attendees!  

The Littlest Wiseman runs from December 7-15th with matinee and evening performances available. Please note that children under 4 are not permitted in the audience. Tickets are free but must be reserved. Visit the Littlest Wiseman website to reserve your tickets.