“There’s 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end them. So, the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend them.”

If you heard music in your head and found yourself singing along to this little ditty, there is a good chance that you have school-aged kids who are counting on you to help them fill the precious days of summer with a list of fun things to do. So, how can you fill the short days of summer in Fort Worth?

When you want to put a little yee-haw in your day:

When it’s time to unplug from the Nintendo:

  • Take a step back in time to the wild days of Fort Worth with a visit to the Stockyards. Kids can run through the cattlepen maze, meet the Fort Worth  Herd, ride a mechanical bull, shop and play in Stockyards Station, and generally have a six-shootin’ good time. 
  • Live like the pioneers for a day at the Log Cabin Village. The hands-on activities and demonstrations will keep kids so busy, they won’t even notice they are learning about history.

When the thermometer reads 100 degrees for the second week in a row:

  • Take a lesson to learn Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), a new sport on the Lake Worth that lets you explore the lake in a whole new way.
  • Hit the beach at Panther Island.  Soak up some sun and stick around for a concert that you can enjoy from your tube along the river.

When you are looking for something that is out of this world:

  • Take a trip through space with a demonstration at the Noble Planetarium.  Bonus points if you stick around and catch a show at the “far out” Omni Theatre.
  • Touch a piece of the solar system at the Oscar E Monnig Meteorite Gallery, where you can explore the mysteries of the oldest materials in existence. 

When you want dreams to (literally) take flight:

  • Your dreams are the inspiration for building a craft that can take you to new places at the Lego Travel Adventure exhibit at the CR Smith Museum.
  • Soar over to the Vintage Flying Museum, a warehouse of historic and extremely rare airplanes that could inspire a new model aircraft hobby or a future career.
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Candy Barrell Fort Worth Stockyards Station