The best trip to Fort Worth we made as a family was when we were still living in Houston. During Hurricane Ike, we left to stay with friends in DFW. We decided on day to take a trip to the stockyards. We rode the train to Fort Worth and took a bus to the stockyards and spent the day walking around and watching the cattle drive. We ate great food and bought tons of cool stuff. For a time that was stressful, we were able to take our minds off our home for a while and enjoy some of Texas history and Fort Worth. We have just recently moved here and as soon as the weather cools, I hope to take my family back to the stockyards.
Another place we visited during the "Ike"cation was the Fort Worth Zoo. I have to say, being a native of Houston, that this zoo is much more fun and enjoyable than the Houston Zoo. This trip was just me and the kids as my husband was offered work during our stay with his parrent company. It was a beautiful day and all the animals were out. The kids really enjoyed the trip to the zoo. That is another place that I plan to take the kids when the weather cools. I love the DFW area, now that I live here and look forward to more memorable trips.
Thanks to Hurrican Ike, I would have never know the gems that Fort Wort has.

Name: Keri Pickering
City: Bedford
State: Texas