One of my favorite things about Fort Worth is not only the diversity of its culture, but also that of its landscape. Our city is magnificent from every angle, and boats a multitude of different landscapes that make for some great adventures.

Most recently, I ventured off to Gateway Park with a pack of friends for some mountain bike trail riding. The city (and countless volunteers, I'm sure) does a tremendous job of keeping trails like the one at Gateway in pristine condition, and this day was no exception.

As we rode the 4-mile circuit, I decided to stop off for a quick hydration break. As I came around what appeared at first glance to be an ordinary turn, I happened upon a breathtaking scene (photo attached). Right in front of me stood a massive arch of tree branches and thick vines, which provided much-needed shade and cool from the beating Texas sun.

I promptly parked my bike and took a photo to capture this memory. I couldn't help but sit for 5 minutes and simply soak in my surroundings. As I sat there, it dawned on my how lucky I am to live in Fort Worth. I mean, where else in the country will you find a city with so much culture and natural beauty?

Simply put: Fort Worth is a majestic place that always has something unexpected waiting for you around the next turn!

Name: Ryan Cormier
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas