My favorite memory in Fort Worth was when my husband, Jake, proposed to me on Valentine's Day 2009 at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It was completely unexpected. All we really had planned for Valentine's Day was to go for a walk at the Botanical Gardens after lunch. We walked around for an while at the gardens and found a nature trail that winded through huge beautiful trees. I wanted to take a few pictures of us, but as soon as I started, my camera's low battery symbol started flashing. I told him I wanted to walk back to this area where there was a little pond to take a picture together. We walked to that area of the gardens and I turned around to try to find a place to set up my camera to put it on a timer so we could get a picture. There were not many people around so I had to come up with something. Well, I couldn't find a high enough place to set my camera so I turned back to Jake and.... he was down on one knee, smiling his biggest grin, and holding up a small box with a ring. Before I could move, he said, "Sondra Lee, will you marry me?" I said yes, kissed him, and he put the ring on my finger. We sat in the spot where he proposed and he told me the story of how he asked my parents, why the ring took a long time to put together, and how he came up with the proposal idea.... he wanted it to be a complete surprise and have a place we could always come back to visit in the future. We have been married a year now, and still love to visit our spot at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens where he proposed.

Name: Sondra Heffernan
City: Rockwall, TX
State: TX