Whether I need a pick-me-up, have a special event, am bored, receive a pay check, etc., I could always go shopping. Although I think we can agree that we could live at Target, it's nice to get out of the norm and explore the unique local stores, and Fort Worth is home to some fabulous boutiques. Here are a few of my favorite boutiques in town.
Flirt Boutique – Located in the West 7th shopping center, Flirt is the ideal place to shop for all of the new on-trend fashions. Get clothes for work, going out, or a casual Saturday afternoon. It has everything, with unique patterns and vibrant colors scattered throughout. Flirt is a one-stop-shop with all of the beautiful accessories and cute shoes that you need.
Flirt Boutique

Maven – Located on Camp Bowie Boulevard, Maven has great fashion pieces and standout jewelry, but more than that they have beautiful bedding and unique housewares. What could be better than getting a gorgeous necklace for yourself and fun new pillows for your bed all in one place?

Coyote Urban Boutique – Located in downtown, Coyote Urban has today’s trending fashions with Fort Worth’s signature touch of Western. It’s the perfect place for getting a stylish outfit to go with your cowboy boots.

Coyote Urban 

Stella’s – Located on Bluebonnet Circle, Stella’s is a “shop-of-shops” selling an array of clothing and accessories for women and children. Stella’s is filled with unique items from local women entrepreneurs including bold jewelry, sparkly sweaters, and the cutest outfits for your little ones.

Dirty Laundry – Located in University Drive near TCU, Dirty Laundry should be your go to place when you need a dress for a night out on the town, a wedding or party, or the perfect dress for your Valentine’s date coming up. They also sell accessories and handbags, so you can complete your entire outfit at one shop.

Dirty Landry

Happy shopping!

-Alexandra Anderson