iPlay Fort Worth Museum Science History Clearly savvy about the immediate and high recognition value of involving anything with an “i” in its prefix -- you know, like iPad or iPod -- the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is about to open iPlay, a self-styled festival where art, technology, and science all congregate in its Innovation Studios. Running August 2-3, iPlay will invite its guests to broaden their use of their already familiar  tablet or smartphone. Through the fest, and its trained staff, guests will be able to uncover whole new vistas of animated videos and new apps, while also increasing their participation in community art activities, exploring eye-opening new contours of color and light, and even learning how a current-day TV show is put together.

The specific iPlay activities will include everything from “building your own bling,” where you actually assemble your own electrified jewelry, and light painting, where stunning images are fashioned from a single light source and a camera, to assembling machines from tiny toothbrushes – and dubbing them “Bristlebots” -- and cultivating a community pinwheel garden.

A special feature of this festival is the participation of artist-in-residence, Diane Willow, who will demonstrate how festival goers can “tune the light” whereby a miniature atmosphere is created in such a way as to create a “sky of their dreams.” And Willow, who enjoys working at the intersection of architecture and science, art and technology, will also show how to create Mobile Dream Lights, a particular concept Willow innovated just for this  festival.

iPlay details: August 2-3. Most iPlay activities, which are offered on a rotating basis, are recommended for guests 8-years old and up. All iPlay activities are offered with a paid exhibit admission.