captial bar 

This Sunday you can peruse the West 7th Corridor through eight venues (Capital Bar, Fred’s Texas Café , The Grotto, Lola’s Saloon, Magnolia Motor Lounge, Poag Mahone’s, The Pour House, and Rodeo Goat) to hear all the bands you voted for from 4pm to 10pm, and it’s free.

Weekly Music Festival

I had my first Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival experience last year, and it was a doozie. With several bands performing at any given time, the choices were a bit overwhelming, so take my advice and check out the festival schedule beforehand. While there’s way too many groups performing to mention, here are some of my personal favorites.

Big City Folk goes on at 6pm in Capital Bar. The quartet of upright bass, banjo, guitar, and mandolin performs a mix of covers and originals in an upbeat bluegrass style twinged with punk. Lazy Summer is a trio of ukulele/trumpet/bass that churns out bright jazzy tunes, sans vocals. They’re playing at Fred’s Texas Café. Psychedelic rockers Un Chien will be blasting their long-form tunes in The Grotto. One of my new favorites, Pinkish Black, takes a humble setup (vocals/keys/vocals) and creates a complex blend of electronica/prog rock awesomeness. Classic blues-based rock with a bit of pop sensibility sums up the outfit Oil Boom, who are playing at Magnolia Motor Lounge.  Hey, remember the 80’s? If you do then check out Ice Eater at Poag Mahone’s. They're not a cover band, but all the great syrupy vocals and synth sounds that defined that iconic decade are integrated into the band’s DNA. The Pour House hosts Toy Gun, an explosive mix of sentimental ballads and garage punk, and rapper Dru B’ Shinin unloads his poetic, socially conscious hip-hop rhymes at Rodeo Goat.

If the lineup for this year’s festival seems a bit daunting, it’s because Fort Worth’s pool of musical talent is overflowing.