If you live here, visit here, or are ever just passing through, you are sure to have an opinion of Fort Worth. It’s that place that is small enough to avoid on your “MASSIVE CITIES” list or big enough to cross off the list from Texas small towns. Texas alone gives off its lasting impressions, but Fort Worth is one that is often truly unforgettable as the City of Cowboys and Culture. 

 After working in the travel and tourism industry for two years now, it is a common saying that once someone arrives here, they “just get it”. Fort Worth culture shines through all people, places and events.

 When we recently asked facebok fans what Fort Worth “wouldn’t be the same without”, we received over one hundred comments! I couldn’t resist to post my top three favorite responses. 

1. "The people" Yes, the people of Fort Worth made the short list. I don’t care if you’re living here, visiting here or ever just passing through, you will remember the people and most notably for how “friendly” they are. After living here for a significant amount of time, I couldn’t agree more.

2. “TCU” Go FROGS! As a horned frog alum, it’s hard to imagine Fort Worth without Texas Christian University.

3. "The police that ride around on horses" Only in Fort Worth, will you be driving around downtown and see police on horses

What do you think Fort Worth just wouldn’t be the same without?