In the 90s, coffee shops pretty much just served…coffee. In porcelain or Styrofoam cups. If you wanted milk, you got a small tin pitcher (or worse, fake creamer in a packet). Later, there were lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. Now coffee shops are getting creative with herbs, spices and alcohol to augment your cuppa Joe.

Here are 10 coffee shops where you can indulge in funky coffee drinks in Funkytown.

Ampersand Coffee

Part coffeehouse and part bar, Ampersand just celebrated a successful year in the coffee business in Fort Worth. Their menu is one of the most unusual, featuring a honey latte, a lavender vanilla latte and a gloriously authentic Vietnamese iced coffee with syrupy sweetened condensed milk. But it’s the evening bar menu where the place really shines: Who would have though pairing Avion silver tequila and espresso liqueur with cold brew (The Chocolate Wasted) would work?


Avoca Coffee Roasters

Avoca Coffee is probably the best-known local coffee enterprise, and approaching 10 years in the business, is one of the oldest. Their Charlie Sheen is a combo of Avoca’s smooth, delicious cold brew and cane-sugar Coca Cola. Yes, you’ll be able to drive to Saturn after one of these.


Buon Giorno Coffee

Buon Giorno Coffee’s been brewing European café-style coffee for 13 years, and it’s one of the few places to carry a simple espresso con panna –– a double shot of espresso with whipped cream, like getting dessert for breakfast. They also offer unusual flavor combos like Italian mint (peppermint and amaretto) and the Tuscany mocha, with dark chocolate and orange. Seasonal flavors, like honey cardamom and pumpkin spice, are house-made.



Belly up to Brewed for your Cowboy Coffee: steamed milk, half-and-half, simple syrup and a shot of whiskey. The milk comes from a family-run farm in McGregor, Texas, and is non-homogenized and minimally processed. You can also enjoy the milk in a Texas Milk and Honey, with clover honey. Add a shot of espresso and you’re good to go!


Casablanca Coffee

Casablanca Coffee’s signature latte features your choice of milk product (dairy, soy or almond), espresso and spices from the owners’ Morroccan homeland.


Coffee Folk

The Burnt Sugar and Pink Salt Latte from Coffee Folk tastes like a combo of crème brulee and a sea salt candy. Coffee Folk also offers the floral, herby lavender latte, which doesn’t smell like lavender but tastes delicious.  Also if you’re feeling a little under the weather, the rosemary toddy (with whiskey syrup infused with the mildly antimicrobial rosemary) might just fix you up!


Crude Craft Coffee Bar

Crude Craft Coffee Bar utilizes the best of what Fort Worth has to offer. The Texas Spirit is a cappuccino beverage flavored with a reduction of TX Whiskey. And you can get your lavender latte with your choice of dairy or almond milk.


Pearl Snap Kolaches

Pearl Snap Kolaches may not be known as a coffee place, but the horchata latte could make you reconsider your daily coffee stop. You can enjoy your beverage and one of the semi-legendary pastries at the new Hulen Street location or Pearl Snap’s “International Headquarters” on White Settlement Road.



Snooze, one of the newest restaurants on Fort Worth’s Left Bank, also isn’t technically a coffee joint. But there are four unusual boozy creations on the menu that make it worth a sample. The Hot Hot Hot! Toddy is a warming, soothing mix of brandy and honey with a cinnamon stick, cloves, a whole star anise and a shot of coffee. The AM Manhattan also looks promising –– whiskey, espresso, Irish Cream and a cherry on top.


Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty offers an Oat-chata (the cinnamon-y goodness of horchata combined with oat milk) on draft. There’s also a seasonal smoked lavender latte on the menu.


Dwell Coffee and Biscuits

And if you want to cut down on the amount of traditional cow’s milk you consume, you’ll find several choices. Dwell Coffee and Biscuits’ new location by TCU uses locally sourced raw milk if you want dairy, but you can sub almond or oat milk in any of their lattes. Coffee Folk, Sons of Liberty and Ampersand also offer oat milk as a sub –– the flavor’s cleaner and less strong than almond or soy, less sweet than coconut beverage, and a little nutty (go figure!).