If you sing into a hairbrush dancing around the room while watching Glee you may have a shot! Auditions will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 8 and 9, 2011 at the Norris Conference Center in Sundance Square.

You could go crazy and spend the night in a Downtown Fort Worth Hotel! Sundance Square offers excellent Fort Worth Entertainment and Fort Worth Shopping.  For more information visit www.FortWorth.com.

 “THE GLEE PROJECT” (wt) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of performers are we looking for?
‘The Glee Project” will be airing on the Oxygen Network. We are looking for talented performers, 18+, (who can convincingly portray the role of a teenager). We would like performers with strong vocal, acting, dancing abilities and big personalities. We are searching for a new face to join the cast of the biggest new hit show on television. Musical theater experience is a plus, but not required.
If I cannot attend the Open Call, can I send in a video submission?
No. To be considered for this show, please attend 1 open call either on Saturday or Sunday in 1 city only.
Can I bring a musical instrument with me to the Open Call?
Yes. The only instrument that you will be allowed to perform with at your audition is an acoustic guitar. You may perform acapella or with an acoustic guitar. No piano accompaniment or backing tracks will be allowed or provided.
How much time will I have to audition at the Open Call?
Approximately 16 measures of one or two approved song from the approved list of audition songs, posted on our website. However, there is no guaranteed amount of time for each performance in the audition phase, so we highly suggest you start off with a bang and show us how great you are right from the very first note! Producers reserve the right to modify allotted times for auditions at their sole discretion.
Do I need to fill out any forms before coming to the Open Call?
YES! Please go to: www.gleecasting.com to pre-register for the Open Call, download the application (that you must bring with you to the open call).
Is there an age limit for this show?
YES. Everyone needs to be 18+
What can I sing for my audition at the open call?
Come prepared to sing 16 measures of 2 approved songs from the approved song list. You may only be asked to sing one song, but prepare 16 bars acapella from both songs. The approved song list is provided on our website at www.gleecasting.com You may only sing a song from the approved list.
After the open call, when will I know if I’m moving on to the second round?
Performers selected for callbacks will be given a phone call if invited to move on to the finals round.
If you are selected to be on the show you must be available to commit yourself to the competition and taping of this show for a minimum of 6 weeks during the months of mid January, February, and possibly some of March, depending on how far you advance.
Will I have to live in a house with someone if I’m chosen for the show?
Specifics on living arrangements will be provided to those who are selected to be a part of the show.
What should I wear to the open call?
You can wear anything you like. Come camera-ready, looking your best, but dress appropriately for the weather. DRESS WARMLY.  PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY LOGOS OF ANY KIND.  This audition may or may not be filmed and clothing and attire with logos is NOT permitted.  Make sure that any article of clothing that you are wearing, including hats and purses/backpacks do not have a visible logo on it.
When and where will auditions be held?
Dates and times will be posted on www.gleecasting.com
Do I need to show up on both audition days?
No. You only need to show up on one audition day in 1 city only. Continue to check our website at www.gleecasting.com DAILY for updated open call information.
What is the registration process?
Bring your completed application and arrive early. Open call auditions will begin promptly at 10:00 AM. IT IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
What do we need to bring to registration and what will happen?
When you arrive at the venue, you MUST have your completed and signed Application and two forms of ID (one must be a valid, government-issued photo ID which includes your date of birth. For example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card are just fine). WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING APPLICANTS WHO ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18.
How long do the open auditions last?
Audition schedule may change at the Producer’s discretion. Keep checking our website at www.gleecasting.com for details.
Will everyone in line have the opportunity to audition on the audition day?
We would love to audition everyone that shows up, however, this may not be possible due to the tight production schedule. We cannot guarantee that everyone will be given the opportunity to audition, but we will make every effort to see everyone that shows up.
What happens if I am late to the auditions?
Everyone MUST show up for the audition on the scheduled day no later than the time instructed by the Producer. If you are late, you may not have a chance to audition. Unfortunately, because we are expecting a large turnout, even if you do show up when the venue opens, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen. You should arrive at the auditions as early as allowed at the audition venue you choose to attend. Our advice: BE ON TIME ALL THE TIME.
Do you charge for the auditions?
No. Auditions are free.
Can I bring friends and family with me to the audition?
Yes, your friends and family may wait in the line with you, BUT are not permitted to enter the building once you reach registration.  They must wait outside for you until you have finished your audition.
If I’m under 18, can I still try out?
No. If you are under 18 years of age, you do not meet the age requirements for the show.
What can I bring with me to the auditions?
The list below is not exhaustive and even if an item is listed below, the producers and security reserve the right to ask you to remove any such items from the venue. Any items you bring are your responsibility and all bags are subject to search:
Musical Instrument you’re auditioning with (Acoustic Guitars only)
Blankets- Dress warmly!
Bottled water
Snacks and food
Cell phones
Hats (Please note that we will ask you to remove your hat for the audition).
Small bags
Small umbrellas
What should I NOT bring with me to the auditions?
The list of prohibited items below is not exhaustive and even if an item is not listed below, the producers and security reserve the right to ask you to remove any such item from the venue. People in possession of prohibited items will be denied admission to the line and to the venue, and may be subject to immediate disqualification. All bags are subject to search:
Air mattresses
Alcoholic beverages
Cans or bottles
Chairs that do not fold (i.e. lawn chairs, chai se lounges, molded plastic chairs)
Coolers of any kind unless for medical reasons (yes, you’ll have to prove it)
Digital or still cameras
Hair dryers
Illegal drugs
Tents (camping out is strictly prohibited)
Video Cameras or camcorders of any kind
Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives, “army knives” or Swiss Armytype knives, and all swords)
No children under the age of 5 years old are allowed at the audition venues.
Please note that the audition day will be a very long day with a lot of standing/waiting and it is not a suitable place for young children. Please do yourself a favor and arrange for childcare if you are coming to the audition. For child welfare reasons, people accompanied by young children may be asked to leave the audition venue.
Thank you and GOOD LUCK!