We love Fort Worth. 

Fort Worth is the kind of town where men look you in the eye and open doors for women.  Fort Worth is the kind of town where you can take your kids on a bike ride to grab a burger, run a maze, and watch a cattle drive.  Fort Worth is the kind of town where jeans are accepted, if not preferred at the highest rated restaurants and museums in the city.  And Fort Worth is the kind of town where you mention you are writing a book, and people bend over backwards to help you succeed.    

Did we mention we love Fort Worth?  

Goodnight Cowtown is the kind of book that wrote itself.  We found ourselves surrounded with one of the most interesting, culturally significant, and historic towns in this country and the sweet, bedtime classic Goodnight Moon as our inspiration.  The marriage of the two was natural, and we truly enjoyed the creative process. In fact, Fort Worth has so much to offer that our only struggle was our not being able to include everything that makes us proud to call it home.  It is our hope that Goodnight Cowtown will serve as a tour guide for those new to the city, a memento for those that have to leave, and a timeless tribute for us all. 



Authors of Goodnight Cowtown: Jennifer Drez (left) and Robin Bumstead (right)



Hometown: Fort Worth (Jennifer) and Midland, Texas (Robin)

Occupation: Moms, Publicists, Publishers, Distributors, oh, and Authors!

Describe Fort Worth in three words: Unique, Treasure, Incredible

Fort Worth Hidden Gem: Sapristi’s on Forest Park.  It’s like stepping into Paris.

Favorite Fort Worth Attraction: Concerts in the Garden series at the Botanic Garden.

Describe your ideal day in Fort Worth:  Our ideal day would be filled with all of Fort Worth’s family activities: from a ride on the Trinity and lunch at Joe T’s, to a day at the zoo followed by the Main Street Arts Festival.  There is always so much to do, it’s hard to pick.

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