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Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

Occupation: Recent college graduate, freelance blogger

Describe Fort Worth in three words: Authentic, Friendly, Texas

I’m from West Texas: the land of high school football, American made trucks and sweet tea. On a wild hare, I moved to Southern California for college to experience something new and different. It didn’t take long for culture shock to set in. People didn’t say “y’all” or listen to country music and tailgating was a foreign concept. Needless to say the transition was not easy for me. Everything that I did that wasn’t considered “normal” by California standards was brought to my attention: wearing Wranglers with cowboy boots instead of designer jeans and Vans, struggling with parallel parking and refusing to accept Mr. Pibb as a substitute for Dr Pepper. To all of this, I consistently replied with “Sorry y’all, I’m Texan.


After two and a half years away from God’s Country, I realized that I missed everything about Texas. As a cure for homesickness and a distraction from living in California, I started a Twitter handle under the name @SorryImTexan. I never had intentions for the account to amount to much, and then all of a sudden I had over ten thousand followers in just a few weeks. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized that I might have something worth pursuing. At this point, only a few of my friends in California knew that I was running this account. I had the notion that the anonymity of @SorryImTexan made it more appealing, so I hardly spoke a word of it to anyone. The time difference was tricky at first: waking up two hours before I needed to in order to tweet about a kolache or having to think about chips and queso while I’m walking into my 10am class. Luckily, it became part of my daily routine and it was no longer out of the ordinary to tweet about college football when my school didn’t even have a team. 

Fort Worth Chat

Fast-forward a year, and the account has grown to over 53,000 followers on Twitter and 2,600 on Instagram (under the same name, @SorryImTexan). Expanding to Instagram has truly given the account new life. I receive submissions each day showcasing a different corner of Texas. From pictures of the Fort Worth Stockyards to a grain elevator in Vera to the sunset in the Hill Country, I have gained the upmost appreciation for Texas. @SorryImTexan continues to grow each day and I’m looking forward for what is to come.

Sean Compton - @Sean_Compton

Photo: 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany; I thought it was only necessary to wear my Texas flag shirt.