Name: Whiplash

Hometown: Weatherford, TX.

Could you explain your act to us? I’m a  real life Capuchin Monkey and I ride wild and fast!

What has been your favorite performance? My favorite performance was when I performed at the Grace Kelly Foundation in front of 150 top movie stars, directors, and producers.

What is your favorite part about Fort Worth? I like to go visit the Justin Boot offices and try to talk them into a free pair of boots!

We know that you are staying very busy at Fort Worth with all of the performances, but what do you like to do in your free time? I like to play and lay around like a movie star! I also enjoy eating lots of treats!

Tell us about your mount, have you had him for very long? His name is Toby and he is seven years old.  He is a great sheep herder and watches out for me in the arena.

How long has your act been running? 35 years. Time flies!

While you are traveling around the country, do you have any games that you like to play on your cell phone or computer: Not really because Daddio won’t let me!

Where can we keep up with Whiplash? I am on Facebook and Twitter. They also tell me that I have over 7 million hits on YouTube!

You can see Whiplash during every performance of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Whiplash Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo