I Love Fort Worth More than I Love My Front Teeth!

Everyone thinks I'm from Texas because i dress so cool. Sometimes i let them think i am, because that'd be so great, but I usually admit to just being a wannabe.

I love Texas!

Last year for Xmas i got my husband tickets to your spring NASCAR race. He loves NASCAR and i love him and every year we go someplace FUN where i want to EXPLORE... that just happens to have a race.

Being wannabe cowboys we HAD to stay at the Stockyards and enjoy the City of Cowboys and Culture. WE LOVED IT. So amazing.

I spent HOURS in Maverick Western Wear and bought the hottest thigh high cowgirl boots on the planet. (Photo attached).

We watched the cattle drive down main street and tried all the local restaurants and watering holes.

We saw the awesome RODEO and then had an amazing night partying at the largest Honky Tonk in the World with DIRKS BENTLY.

Then we went to the night race. Which was super fun! (photo attached) Until leaving at 11pm with over 100,000 of our closest friends. I crossed a sea of race fans pulling coolers behind them and i participated in the biggest wreck of the race.

I went from standing to concrete on my front teeth in 2 seconds. OUCH. Lost half of one front tooth and loosened the other. I was sore and so embarassed and sore and embarassed and sore....

Didn't stop us from checking out a HUGE flea market south of the city on Sunday. Had great fun at that but i didn't smile much. (i left my heart in San Francisco but i left my teeth in Texas).

The next day i was sooo ready to leave to get to my dentist UNTIL i found out that we had MISSED the biggest western wear show in the country. And i wanted to stay. But we had to go. I have a business to run back in MA! So we hopped on the plane and we really hope to come back soon!

Hope you invite us!!

Cinda Jones

Name: Cinda
City: Jones
State: MA