Sunday kicks off our October Fort Worth Instagram Takeover with local Cody Henson. Learn more about the man behind the camera as you follow along:

1. Where are you from?
A: I'm from a small town called Midlothian, TX.

2. What about Fort Worth inspires you?
A: I always meet someone new when I visit. People are always friendly and the cleanliness of downtown makes me feel good. Fort Worth makes me feel welcome each time I visit.

3. Do you have a favorite place to photograph Fort Worth?
A: This is a really tough one considering I like photographing everything. If I had to decide I would have to say the Water Gardens would be my favorite. It's just so peaceful and I can see most of the skyline from there also.

4. What would you tell a visitor they must experience in Fort Worth?
A: I would recommend spending the weekend, first of all, because you won't have time to check out everything in one day! My first go-to place would have to be the Water Gardens. After that, I suggest checking out the Botanic Gardens because you won't see another garden like it!


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Instagram: @cody_henson