Our monthly Instagram Takeover starts on Sunday with Joseph Dalcour (@dubnbud). To get to know the man behind the camera, we sat down for a Q&A:

1.) Where are you from?

I am Fort Worth!

2.) What about Fort Worth inspires you?

The classic architecture and style that the city contains. And, all of the different characters that are around downtown every day like the late Charles Joyner.

3.) Do you have a favorite place to photograph Fort Worth?

My favorite place would have to be Air Field Falls! You never know if the water is running or not, so it's always a surprise. Plus, who wouldn't love a waterfall in your own backyard?!

4.) What would you tell a visitor they must experience in Fort Worth?

I would have to say to visit Sundance Square. You can easily park and be in the center of all of Fort Worth's downtown amenities. It definitely gives you a downtown vibe!


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