Whether you choose to use the word as a noun or a verb, Justin McBride is best described as a quintessential American cowboy. In fact, the 30 year old is a fifth generation cowboy who represents the iconic imagery both personally and professionally.

Upon his retirement from bull riding, McBride focused his attention on music the same as he once had on bull riding by going out and “getting after it.” Whether it was a honky tonk filled with the odor of stale beer and day old cigarettes or in conjunction with the lifelong familiarity of a PBR event, McBride went out and played one show after another. Within a year of focusing solely on his music career, he sang a pair of songs on the stage of the famed Grand Ole Opry, and six months later he performed in front of more than 46,000 fans at Cowboys Stadium during the intermission of the Iron Cowboy Invitational.

It was there that Billy Minick, owner of Billy Bob’s Texas, first saw him perform. Within two months of that show McBride had come to an agreement with Minick and Randy Smith (Smith Music Group) for the recording of Justin McBride Live at Billy Bob’s Texas—a live recording of true-to-life cowboy songs, by a real cowboy on a stage made famous by cowboys. 

Celebrate Western Heritage in Fort Worth.  It will be available through Billy Bob's Online Store beginning October 18th! See why Fort Worth truly is the "City of Cowboys and Culture" at www.FortWorth.com.