In the same breath as you utter the Kimbell Art Museum, what usually trips off the tongue are so many of the master artists that are the pride of its permanent collection: From Caravaggio, Velazquez, David, Rubens, El Greco, and La Tour, to Cezanne, Matisse, Murillo, Bernini and, of course, the first-painting believed to have been executed by a brashly talented, young artist named Michelangelo. And this constellation of European greats totally omits the museum's exquisite holdings of African, Asian, African and precolumbian art.

But it isn't often that the Kimbell serves as the podium -- or canvas -- from where one can appreciate art from the Andes. Until now. With Wari: Lords of the Ancient Andes, opening June 16, the museum will acquaint patrons with the creative force of the Wari people, the actual ancestors to the better known Incas. It is the first North American exhibition of its kind and it will transport patrons back to between 600 and 1000, when the Wari people created what many deem to have been Peru's first empire.

Containing 145 objects, the exhibit will run the gamut of media and materials the Wari worked in -- from precious metal ornaments, ceramics from polychrome, to joyously colorful mosaics, objects formed of sculpted stone and wood, and lushly woven clothing that constitute some of the most expertly executed textiles in what would form the illustrious tradition of Andean textile artistry.

Details: Wari: Lords of the Ancient Andes -- From June 16-September 8, 2013 at the Kimbell Art Museum, 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth.    

Other upcoming Kimbell Art Museum exhibitions and events to look forward to:

The Age of Picasso and Matisse: Modern Masters from the Art Institute of Chicago - October 6, 2013- February 16, 2014. This exhibition marks the grandest loan of its kind from the celebrated Art Institute of Chicago. Among the treasures, culled from the first 50 years of the 20th century, will be 10 works by Picasso, 10 by Matisse, in addition to great pieces by Braque, Juan Gris, Chagall, and Mondrian among many others. The Kimbell will be the only venue for this exceptional and landmark show.

Opening of the new Renzo Piano Pavilion -- November 27, 2013. The much anticipated new pavilion by one of the world's most sought-after architects will permit the Kimbell to host world-class touring exhibitions at the same time that it still has its permanent collection up for view in its classic Louis Kahn-designed original building. The glass, concrete, and wood-constructed pavilion will not only include plentiful classroom space, a well-stocked library, but also a 298-seat auditorium that is sure to become the next acoustically pristine music venue for Fort Worth music lovers. 

Wari Art Kimbell Museum Fort Worth  


Photo: Four-Cornered Hat (detail), 600–1000, feathers, cotton, and reed. Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, A. Augustus Healy Fund, 41.228