west seventh

There’s an old saying that when you grow up, the only thing that changes is the cost of the toys. Last week I found one exception to that old adage. Landmark Bar and Kitchen, located in the heart of the West 7th area, has a great layout and vast drink/food selections plus dozens of free-to-play vintage arcade games (!). 

The bar’s layout strikes a nice balance between the outdoor patio and indoor bar space. The outside area consists of a dozen picnic tables wrapped around a long bar. One one end you'll find a mechanical bull. The indoors area can seem intimidating at first with blaring, but fairly tasteful, upbeat music and an over-sized and brightly lit American flag canvassing one wall.  That night was unseasonably cool so we grabbed a picnic table and started perusing the drink menu. The service was spot on all night and our waitress even came back regularly to chat with us when she wasn't busy. Outdoors, there’s an endless supply of old throwbacks like Jenga and Connect Four. (Don’t pretend like you don’t remember these games.)


There weren't any duds on this mixed drink menu. My first choice, the Texas Mule, was a lively mix of vodka, ginger beer, mint, and lime, all served in an ice-cold copper cup. The mix of ginger, lime, and mint was pleasantly tart without being overly sweet. Actually, all the drinks my friends and I ordered that night were mercifully light on the sugar, which helped us avoid any unwelcome sugar crashes. My second choice, the In-Kruto-Bull, came in a goblet with a small opened bottle of champagne dunked in one side. Warning: do not order Red Bull-infused drinks unless you’re planning an all-nighter. We took our time savoring the cocktails and headed inside for some free gaming.

If the words "Mortal Combat" or "Street Fighter" have any meaning to you then I need say no more about our fun experience. If early ‘90s arcade games aren't your thing, then you’ll enjoy the three rows of Skee Ball on the other side.

Yes, I find that my “toys” get more and more expensive as I grow older, but at least the entertainment’s free at one place in Fort Worth.

Photos: Landmark Bar & Kitchen Facebook